Anberlin – Godspeed 7″

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Vinyl

This 7″ came free with pre-orders for one of Anberlin’s albums, Cities. Not sure of how many were pressed, but it was pressed on two different colors; translucent yellow/gold and opaque orange/peach. The orange/peach color ranges in shade as some copies are darker or lighter than others, and they can also have marbling effects as well. I think my copy, pictured below, is the run of the mill shade of the orange/peach color.

The opaque variant was exclusive to pre-orders of the album Cities from Interpunk. Since it’s a promo item pressing info was never announced, and it likely never will. To be honest I am not sure the origin of the translucent variant. It may very well be an transition color, done at either the beginning or end of the run when the colors pellets might not be mixed enough/properly or be running low. If it is a transition color, then they may have been included with the Interpunk pre-orders. The translucent copies were never made available for purchase anywhere. I find it highly suspect that the label who press two colors for this and not sell the non-promo version. So my money is on either the translucent are transition copies or a simple pressing error. The translucent copies are rumored to be more limited/rare than the opaque copies, but again, pressing info was never announced for the translucent variant.

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