Midtown – Save The World, Lose The Girl (Single LP & Double LP Pressing)

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Vinyl

This is hands down the rarest record I will ever have in my collection. Not that it’s about the rarity of the record, this is one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands. Since no Midtown music exists on vinyl other than a split 7″ and a cover song on a comp, I had to get my hands on this. The story of this is a long and drawn out one, but I will paraphrase it best I can. A label (I will leave the name of said label out of it for now) approached Drive-Thru Records to license Save The, World Lose The Girl and given the go ahead. Once the vinyl pressing was put into motion DTR abruptly pulled the plug and gave a big fat no to pressing the album on vinyl. DTR gave no intentions of pressing the album themselves and pretty much said they will never do it. It’s a real shame since the pressing was pretty much done and ready to go into final production; mastering was completed, tests were made and the layout was finalized.

Only five test presses were made, with one being sent out to the designer of the layout as compensation for doing the work on the project. The other four remain in the hands of the owner of the record label that had licensed the rights to press the album.  Patrick, the designer of the layout who received one of the tests decided to put it up on ebay to try to recoup some of the money he was out because DTR pulled the plug. I was fortunate enough to win the auction, but not after a big, albeit brief outroar from one of the members of Midtown who was not aware of the situation and thought it was a bootleg. The auction was initially removed from ebay and then re-listed after the band member was informed of the situation and he gave his approval. In the end I am the proud new owner of Save The World, Lose The Girl.

One of the perks of winning the auction was the Patrick was willing to work with me on a custom jacket/sleeve for the test press. We worked hand in hand to design a sleeve and he was even gracious enough to make an insert as well. Ultimately the layout we ended up with was true to the original CD artwork and what the jackets would have looked like had the album going into production and released on vinyl.


In fall 2012 it was announced that Save The World, Lose The Girl would finally receive a proper pressing. It would be yet another Hot Topic exclusive. I’m guessing the whole debacle that happened with the cancelled pressing mentioned above was because Drive-Thru did not have permission to license out the album since they did not completely own the rights. I’m assuming MCA/Universal owned the rights, and they wanted to hold on to the rights themselves. A lame situation for the label that licensed it out, as they put in a ton of legwork, lost the release with no warning only to see a major label cash in on it a few years later. Anyway, this legit pressing was done as a double LP. There really was no advantage to pressing this album as a double LP as it fits fine on a single LP. I did a comparison of the sound quality between the single LP version I own and this double LP version and the difference is negligible. There were 1500 copies pressed on clear with blue and yellow splatter vinyl, with the records housed in a gatefold jacket. There is no insert included, and the gatefold image is just a promo shot of the band and a continuation of the album artwork. From what I see with the cancelled pressing discussed in this post, the label that was originally going to press this would have done a much better job. Their pressing would have included more and likely would have been a better quality release.





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