Emery – The Weak’s End

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Vinyl

This album was a long time coming on vinyl, and since Tooth & Nail Records hasn’t really released anything in the last few years, it was about time they licensed this album out for a vinyl pressing. Dreamover Records released this album. There were three color variants for this album, black limited to 100, green with black  limited to 200, which was a Dreamover Records exclusive color, and 200 on blue with black, which was a Broken Circles Records exclusive color. Black copies sold out in a few day and I was lucky enough to snag one. A few months after the initial release of this record, the label had special silk screened covers printed up, which were limited to 42 copies with each being hand-numbered. These covers came with random colors of the record.

However, the guy who runs Dreamover either saved a bunch of copies from the pressing, incuding the screened covers, to sell later on, or was given an unusualy high amount of overrun because every so often he sells some copies of this record, along with special one-off colors of some of his other releases on ebay. Sometimes, although rarely, he puts them up in his label’s store, but sells the black copies of this album for a jacked up price, at least double than what they originally cost.


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