Hot Rod Circuit – Sorry About Tomorrow (1st Press)

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Vinyl

I’m fortunate enough to have spent a few nights hanging out with the guys in Hot Rod Circuit after shows, during the day before shows when the rolled into town and they have crashed on my floor a few times. I even spent one crazy night with Andy Jackson and Max Bemis in Philadelphia when I was still in college. Due to that I have two copies of Sorry About Tomorrow, one I actually bought and the other given to me and signed by all the guys in the band as a thank you.  I’m posting both the signed and not signed copies, and before any says anything, no, the MS paint block on the top left corner is not part of the jacket, I’m censoring out my name.

Pressing info has never been released for this record and I doubt it ever will. I would guess there are between 500-2,000 copies though. Sorry About Tomorrow is long OOP (has been for several years now) and is starting to fetch a good chunk of cash on ebay.


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