Park/Civic = The Sound Of Sirens Split 7″

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is a split 7″ featuring the bands Park and Civic. The split actually has a title, The Sound of Sirens, which is rare for a split.  I have no idea of the pressing info for this, but all copies were pressed on black vinyl. Some sites say it’s limited to 500 copies, but that site is based on user submitted info that goes through very little if any verification before getting posted. Since the label that released the split, Starry Night Records, has been defunct for close to 20 years and this split is their only release, you’ll be hard pressed to find accurate numbers anywhere. They never released pressing info and there is no way to contact them to find out.

Keep in mind all the pressing info posted on this blog is obtained from official sources, either from the label or band. So everything (save for the rare typos) is completely accurate and not a guess based on a web store’s stock or any other unreliable means. If pressing info is not posted on a item order/pre-order page I contact the label and/or band to find out. 99% of the time the label responds. But there are a handful of labels out there that refuse to release pressing info for a number of reasons. Some have even personally attacked me after asking politely.

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