The Early November – The Room’s Too Cold (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Vinyl

The first pressing of the vinyl release of The Room’s Too Cold features different artwork than the CD version. But the LP artwork is derived from the liner notes of the original CD version, which was later used as the cover art on re-releases of the CD version. This was put out by Drive-Thru Records and was pressed on white vinyl limited to 1,000 copies for the first pressing.

In 2013 Rise Records licensed out The Room’s Too Cold, which saw a release in very late 2013. For this pressing, the second overall, Rise went back to the album’s original cover art. The first pressing used alternate art. The record also comes in a gatefold jacket, which is another difference from the first pressing. Instead of a traditional paper dust sleeve, a green die cut card stock dust sleeve is used. The second pressing also comes with a CD copy of the album, with the artwork/label of the CD being different from the first release of the CD version of the album.

There are either four or six variants for this record depending on how you look at things, four based on color of the record and two based on the cover. The cover variants were only available at two 10th anniversary shows, 10th anniversary pertaining to the initial release of The Room’s Too Cold. There was a show in New York City and a show in Philadelphia, both had their own exclusive cover. However, the main artwork was the same between these two shows, the only thing that is different is each cover says the date and location of their respective shows. The 10th anniversary show covers came with 180 gram black vinyl, which was exclusive to a ticket bundle for said live shows. When pre-orders went live there was a ticket bundle option, which included a ticket to one of the anniversary shows and this show exclusive variant. These cover variants were not sold at either of the shows at the band’s merch table/booth. This cover variant with 180 gram black vinyl was limited to 125 copies. That 125 number was advertised in the ticket bundles purchase point, but on Rise Records’ official website they list the black 180 gram as being limited to 150 copies. The ticket bundle also included a t-shirt and screen printed show poster as well.

This alternate cover turned out to be a piece of clear plastic with white writing and design work printed on it to mimic a snow-covered winter scene, which is simply placed over the regular cover. It was billed as an overlay in the pre-order description, and an overlay it is. People who bought the bundle had to pick up their copy of the record at the show, it would not be mailed out to customers. Even though that fact was clearly stated in the item description, I’m sure some people bought it even if they couldn’t attend the show, just to keep up their collections.

The four regular cover variants, which are based on vinyl color are as follows: 450 on clear/blue/green starburst, 650 on white/green starburst, 750 on white/blue starburst. Every copy of the record in pressed on 180 gram vinyl. In regards to the white/blue starburst variant, it went on sale long after the other two, rarer colors sold out. The clear/blue/green starburst did not have any clear in it, so the record is just blue and green.

Rise either held on to some copies of the two rarer variants or started selling the overrun copies, as after the record started shipping those two colors became available for purchase online again. People first speculated Rise had more than the advertised numbers for the two rare colors pressed, but eventually those two colors went back to being sold out a few days after going back up. A big snafu with the pre-orders was Merchnow’s shipping prices, as they did not offer media mail, only priority mail for $12, with any of The Room’s Too Cold records. I highly doubt it was a glitch as you could order the band’s other album, In Currents and get the media mail option to appear. It was likely just a way to rake in more money and take advantage of people who wouldn’t complain. Fortunately if you emailed Merchnow about the shipping price they would refund you the difference if you asked for media mail instead of priority mail. I’m sure a great number of people did not bother to get a shipping refund, so Merchnow made out like highway robbers.



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