Tom Gabel – Anna Is A Stool Pigeon 7″ (1st Press)

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Vinyl
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Tom Gabel’s first single off his solo album. This was released by Sabot on two colors for the first pressing, clear and black. There were 800 copies pressed on clear and it was only available through Sabot/No Idea mail order. There were 2200 copies pressed on black. I picked this up from my local store and got a black copy. SOmewhere along the lines this single went out of print, and as of June 2012 (when I happened to notice it) there is a second pressing on pink vinyl limited to 500 copies.

A minor difference with the second pressing, aside from the color, is the center labels. The first press received the typical stock Sabot labels with the artist name along the top and was a large hole 45. For the second pressing, Sabot went with the standard small spindle hole featuring an all black center label.


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