V/A – Drive-Thru Records UK Invasion Tour comp 7″

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Vinyl
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This was sold on the 2004 Drive-Thru Records UK Invasion Tour, which featured The Early November, Allister, Home Grown and Hidden In Plain View. Each band contributes one song. There are two songs per side of the record, with Home Grown “I Love You, Not” and Allister “Radio Player” on A-side with The Early November “Something That Produces Results” and Hidden In Plain View “Shamans, Witches Magic” on the B-side, which is labeled AA-Side on the record.

There were only 500 copies pressed on yellow vinyl. Every copy is individually numbered and has a stamp on the back of the jacket in the top left corner. These are very hard to find these days and can fetch a pretty penny, especially considering you would have to buy these from someone in the UK in you live outside there.

I had some problems with the ebay seller from the UK in acquiring this, as he/she was pretty shady in hiding the fact there was writing on the jacket, in actuality a signature. I believe the signature to be Jeff, the drummer from The Early November, as I have a few things signed by the band and have met them several times over the years. The seller conveniently placed the record over the part of the jacket that had the writing on it. One of the few times I’ve ever had problems buying things on ebay and the seller was a complete jerk, refusing to acknowledge his scam and claiming that I was the bad guy. The seller said I was lying about the writing, even after I sent proof, going on to claim I did it myself. Why would I write on the jacket of a record I wanted?  In the end ebay found in my favor and I received a full refund without having to send the record back. Serves him/her right.

After hearing that hand sanitizer can remove ink from most surfaces, even Sharpie ink, I tried it on the jacket for this 7″. To my amazement it actually worked. The hand sanitizer actually removed all the ink from the jacket. Here is the method I used with before and after pictures.

Step 1: Apply hand sanitizer to Q-Tip or cotton ball

Step 2: Use the Q-Tip or cotton ball to apply the hand sanitizer to the affected area. Dab or smear it, you don’t need to rub, scrub or apply any pressure. You Don’t need gobs of it but you may need to repeat this step along with step 2-4 multiple times.

Step 3. Let sit for a few seconds to a minute

Step 4. Use a dry eraser (if you have one) or a paper towel to wipe off the hand sanitizer. I found a dry eraser to work best. You may need to gently rub to get the ink to come off. How much pressure you apply to your record jacket is your call, but I would be gentle with it.

Step 5. Use a wet paper towel or hand towel to wipe off any residue from the hand sanitizer. Depending on how much hand sanitizer you need to use there may not be any residue left behind. I wiped the jacket down just to be safe. Obviously dry the jacket afterwards to prevent any water damage.

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