Blink-182 – Enema Of The State (1st/2nd Press, Mightier Than Sword pressing)

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Vinyl

Mightier Than Sword licensed the rights to press Enema Of The State on vinyl, one of the few Blink-182 albums to not get the vinyl treatment. They announced their plans for the record and then Universal, who owns the full rights to the album as they originally released it, decided to press their own version of the record. Universal’s pressing was only sold in Hot Topic stores and was pretty much the same compared to the MTS release, except for the price. It was nearly $10 cheaper than the MTS version. The Universal version was limited to 2,000 copies on white vinyl with a different center label on the records. The parental advisory sticker is also printed on the jacket on the Universal pressing, as opposed to no parental advisory sticker on the jacket of MTS pressing. For the MTS pressing the sticker is affixed to the protective poly sleeve each copy was sent out in. The spine of the jacket is also different between the Universal and MTS pressings, but the gatefold artwork is the same as well as the insert. One minor difference with the insert is that the MTS release is printed on thick, non-glossy paper while the Universal pressing is printed on thin glossy paper. What appears on the insert is the same between both pressings.

The MTS version of Enema Of The State was spread across four color variants each limited to 500 copies; clear red, clear blue, clear and 180 gram black which came with a gold foil seal on the cover dedicating it to MTS’ 10th anniversary series. The seal is tough to read in the photo below due to camera flash, but it says “Mightier Than Sword 10th Anniversary series #1.” This seal and the 180 gram vinyl resulted in a $5 increase in price compared to the non 10th anniversary and 180 gram variants. A ridiculous increase in my mind. Therefore I chose to get on of the other colors initially, since they were all limited to 500 copies. I originally wanted a clear blue copy, but had to settle for a clear red copy after the blue copies sold out quickly due to the insane demand for this record. About a year after the first pressing’s release I snagged a copy of the 10th anniversary edition on 180 gram black, for the same price as the other colors originally sold for.

To add to the tactics I don’t agree with, MTS announced a second pressing of this record as soon as the first press sold out. So rather than just pressing enough to meet demand, they made a calculated move and decided to make a second pressing, again spread across four colors limited to 500 copies each. And let me add some of the colors from the second press don’t match the artwork whatsoever and look horrible. The second pressing colors are white, half white/half blue, half white/half red, half yellow/half green, clear green and clear yellow, all limited to 500 copies a piece.

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