RX Bandits – …And The Battle Begun (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Vinyl

For the first pressing …And The Battle Begun was pressed as a double 10″, and this is one of only two double 10″ releases in my collection. This was on the pricey side because of that and to me it was well worth the $20 price tag. There were only 1,500 of these pressed and it’s the first self released album by RX Bandits since they left Drive-Thru Records. …And The Battle Begun was only pressed on one color, maroon and it comes in a nice gatefold jacket. This album is still towards the top of my list of favorite albums.

In 2016 Sargent House re-pressed …And The Battle Begun, but this time as a double LP. Pressing info has yet to be officially released for the double LP re-press, but it was done on three different colors; yellow, light blue and black. I say officially because on this blog I only post pressing information I can confirm through legitimate sources. But with that said, someone posted numbers for each of the variants on a message board, without even saying where they obtained the information from, and people are running with it. So I’ll state again, any pressing information you see for this re-press is not accurate nor official. Those numbers may pan out to be true, but without any sort of source to begin with, let alone a legitimate one, I am refraining from believing it or posting the information here. I’ve contacted Sargent House to no avail. If that changes this blog entry will be updated.

Almost everything aside from the format change and colors of the vinyl are identical between the original double 10″ pressing and this latest double LP pressing. This new pressing comes in a gatefold jacket, with the same imagery inside it. One minor change with this latest pressing is that a download card/code is included, whereas the first pressing did not come with a download card/code. I’ve listened to the MP3 files from the vinyl download card and did a comparison to the CD files I ripped from a CD copy, and there are subtle differences between them. Haven’t had a chance to compare the double 10″ and double LP pressings though. Once I do I will update this post accordingly.


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