Fall Out Boy – From Under The Cork Tree (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Vinyl

Fall Out Boy’s sophomore album and what put them on the map. They exploded into the mainstream with this album. The vinyl pressing of this album was put on hold, and was done months after the album’s initial release. To celebrate From Under The Cork Tree being certified gold by the RIAA, Fueled By Ramen pressed 500 records on gold vinyl to commemorate the occasion. These were only sold through FBR’s webstore and took a while to sell out. Later on FBR went back and pressed more copies, this time on black only which was limited to 1,000 copies. The black copies may be a second pressing depending on how you look at those things. I think the same stampers and plates were used, and the black records were either pressed at the same time as the gold copies but were held to sell at a later time or they were actually pressed much later than the gold copies. Either way they weren’t put on sale till at least a month after the gold copies were sold out. This first pressing is long out of print, and ebay prices fluctuate on it, ranging from $30 all the way to $100 regardless of color. But gold copies obviously tend to sell for much higher. Prices have started to come down since the second pressing was released, but not by much. Apparently, as of February 2013, there was also a friend’s press from the first pressing, which was done as a picture disc limited to 20 copies. The picture disc is gold metallic, like The Juliana Theory – Music From Another Room 12″.  Why this news is just coming out now, nearly eight years after the record was released, is a little perplexing. It’s not like the pressing info for this was kept a secret at the time of release back in 2005. The only reason this friends press is known about now is because someone put one up on ebay, someone who has only sold two things, has only been an ebay member for a slightly over a year and is only selling extremely rare Fall Out Boy records (two of which have never hit the open market before) right after they announce their reunion and first album in five years. So I’m a bit skeptical about this friend’s press.

There are no inserts or liner notes that go along with the first press. Alternate artwork was used and the jacket is die cut, with Fall Out Boy’s keyhole logo in the center of the jacket being the die cut portion so you can see the center labels of the record through the jacket. And unlike many records that get pressed on “gold” vinyl, this one is the closest I’ve ever seen come to actually hitting the nail on the head in terms of duplicating what many people picture as gold.

The second pressing was released in January 2013 and was a Hot Topic exclusive. There are major difference between the first and second pressings. The biggest of which are that the second pressing was done as a double LP and features the original artwork. The five bonus tracks from the “Black Clouds And Underdogs” edition of the album, are included on this pressing as well, and they are the final five tracks on the d-side. This pressing comes in a gatefold jacket and also includes an insert with the lyrics printed on it. The back side of the insert has the artwork used from the first pressing printed on it.

Originally announced as being pressed on translucent maroon, when the record was released it turned out the translucent turned into opaque, with most copies having some black and grey marbling in them as well. My copy has far more marbling on the first LP than the second, which has next to none. The second pressing was limited to 1500 copies and sold out online in one day, but as of writing this added portion in early February 2013 there is still a slim chance a physical store could have a copy of this. A third overall pressing, second to feature this double LP format, artwork and track listing was announced almost immediately after the second pressing sold out.

  1. Meghan Little says:

    Quick question, not sure if anyone will get this, but I have a sealed copy of from under the cork tree with the keyhole. I know I bought it from the website, but can’t remember when. Are the gold ones numbered? Is there a way to to tell if it is gold without opening it? Thanks!


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      No way to tell what color is it without opening it at this point. None of them are numbered. If you’re lucky you might be able to fiddle around with the jacket to see through the keyhole die-cut to get a glimpse at the record to see what color it is. It might flex enough to see the record through it.


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