Fall Out Boy – Infinity On High (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Vinyl

For whatever reason Island Records decided to press Fall Out Boy’s major label debut as a picture disc. They weren’t real creative with the artwork or layout either. Side A of the record is the CD version album artwork and side B is a photo from the liner notes. It does come with an insert though, which folds out to be a full length poster, again taken from the CD version liner notes. There are no pressing numbers out there, but it’s probably in the upper thousands. it finally went OOP after a few years.

Infinity On High, received a somewhat proper vinyl release in the summer of 2014. As many know the album was initially only available as a picture disc and came housed in a picture disc sleeve with no artwork to really speak of. Now it comes in a gatefold jacket with the original artwork and a proper insert. This pressing, the second overall, is bumped up to a double LP, so there was room to include the bonus tracks on top of the standard album. These two bonus tracks, “G.I.NA.S.F.S” and “It’s Hard To Say “I Do” When I Don’t” are the last two tracks (in order I listed) on side D. This latest pressing is a Hot Topic exclusive with 2500 copies pressed on clear with blue and white splatter vinyl.

It should be noted the color was originally supposed to be clear blue with white splatter. I doubt it would really look any different had it turned out a “clear blue” as intended. When you think about it “clear blue” is an odd color to describe let alone manufacture. There are so many ways to describe blue yet I’ve never heard of “clear blue.” I’m guessing the plant said f*ck it just make it clear, not like Universal would every spot check these things for any errors or other things they might not have ordered. It’s not like this is the first time a color switch has happened with something the guy from Hot Topic begged a label to press so it can be exclusively overpriced in Hot Topic.

I also have some gripes with the quality of this release, especially considering the price. This pressing does not sound significantly better than the picture disc pressing I own. Disc two from this pressing is also significantly lighter in weight than disc one, it’s one of the flimsiest records I own (and I own close to 2,000 records at this point). When it comes to the jacket, my copy at least is not cut right. The panel inside the gatefold has a seam where you can tell it was either not cut right or not folded right. You can see the bare white edge of the card stock used for the jacket.

The master for this latest pressing is also about the worst source you can get; iTunes. This is likely not even sourced from a CD, which is terrible in and of itself, but CD sourcing is quickly, and sadly, becoming the norm these days. I’m pretty confident that Universal just sent in the iTunes files to the plant because the opening of the bonus track “G.I.NA.S.F.S” is cut off, which is only found in the iTunes version of the album, it’s not found on the CD or first pressing of this album on vinyl. The master chosen for this record no doubt leads to the lackluster sound quality.

People have been sounding off on message boards about the poor quality of this release, which is not surprising, but they are falsely pointing fingers at the wrong people. It’s easy to place blame for this one, and it’s NOT solely Hot Topic. Yes $hit Topic does plenty of things wrong, but they are NOT a label nor have they ever been. Hot Topic does NOT release music on any format and they do not own the rights to certain band’s catalog (something so moronic I’ve thankfully only heard that once from one “genius.”) so they can press albums on vinyl at their discretion. The label, in this case Island/Universal is mostly to blame for this cash grab since they were to ones to cut almost every corner with this release. You can also throw some blame $hit Topic’s way since this re-press likely would not have happened had someone from $hit Topic not asked a major label “Hey would you like to make a couple thousand dollars practically effortlessly?!?!”


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