International Heroes Of Hardcore – HPxHC 7″

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Vinyl
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This si the second release from International Superheroes Of Hardcore. A 7″ full of their trademark songs, HPxHC, which translate to Harry Potter is hardcore for those who don’t speak hardcore. It was pressed by Bride 9 Records across five colors when counting the lame friends press. The regular retail colors are in honor of the four houses of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter book and movie. All colors are limited to 500 copies and are as follows; half red/half yellow, half green/half white, half black/half yellow and half silver/half blue. The friends press is limited to 100 copies and is half white/half black. So the friends press makes the total amount pressed 2100. Read about all the juicy details of the friends press below.

The friends presses are nothing but a hassle. For whatever reason, Bridge 9 Records decided to make a special color for all of their New Found Glory related vinyl releases, all limited to 100 copies. They were meant for the band members, band’s management, band’s family and friends, label employees, etc. Bridge 9 did randomly send out copies of the friends press color in orders, but many of them were sent out to repeat customers, personal friends of the label and heads/owners of other indie labels. It’s a friend’s press, but meant for the band and their friends/family, not loyal customers of Bridge 9 who drop money on all of their releases or people who call in a favor through email asking for a copy of the friends press. Basically all the friends press did was screw over collectors as it was next to impossible to get a hold of and many collection that were previously complete prior to this release, will never be complete. It especially sucks when you take into account that many of the people who “randomly” got the friends press in their order then went ahead and listed them on ebay, where they then sold for at least $100.


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