International Superheros Of Hardcore – Takin’ It Ova! (1st press)

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Vinyl
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This band is the side project of New Found Glory. It’s basically New Found Glory as it features all the members of NFG, except for a minor change as Jordan Pundik is on guitar and Chad Gilbert is the lead vocalist and is free hand. ISHC is meant to be strictly fun and they poke fun at the scene and pop culture. All their songs are satirical in nature. This was pressed by Bridge 9 Records and is currently in its second pressing.

The first pressing was spread across three colors, white with black and red splatter limited to 2,000 copies, 400 on blue and red swirl which was only available with a pre-order package through Bridge 9, and 100 on white with yellow and black splatter which was a friends press.

The friends presses are nothing but a hassle. For whatever reason, Bridge 9 Records makes a special color for most if not all of their records, all limited to 100 copies. They’re meant for the band members, band’s management, band’s family and friends, label employees, etc. Bridge 9 did randomly send out copies of the friends press color in orders, but many of them were sent out to repeat customers, personal friends of the label and heads/owners of other indie labels. It’s a friend’s press, but meant for the band and their friends/family, not loyal customers of Bridge 9 who drop money on all of their releases or people who call in a favor through email asking for a copy of the friends press. Basically all the friends press does is screw over collectors as they’re next to impossible to get a hold of and many collections that were previously complete prior to this release, will never be complete. It especially sucks when you take into account that many of the people who “randomly” got the friends press in their order then went ahead and flipped them on ebay, where they then sold for at least $100.

The second press of Taking It Ova! is on one color, green with purple splatter limited to 1,000 copies. The color is a “tribute to the Incredible Hulk” for whatever reason. There are plenty of copies left of the second pressing if you want to get your hands on this album.

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