Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the only record that I had a true complete collection of, including all color variants, different jacket/sleeves/cover and test press. Since I’m a collector and an odd one at that, the only different “variants” I go after are different jackets with different artwork and/or material (silk-screens, different artwork across pressings, etc.) and records that span different formats (something that comes out as a 7″ then gets pressed as a 10″ or something that gets released as a single LP and later a double LP version comes out.) I know, I’m weird. I have since sold the test press so my Restless Rubes collection is no longer complete.

Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective did a lot of cool things with this release, but they took a big chunk of my cash in the process. They pressed the standard/regular edition of the album, which came on two colors, peach and green. I have both colors, only with different jackets technically, but I can easily swap out the records between jackets. With the regular jacket, peach was limited to 300 copies and green was limited to 700 copies. Peach only came with the regular jacket.

Later on, around Christmas Time, Virgil over at VC noticed some copies of Restless Rubes were shipped to him with jackets damaged beyond salvation. What he did was commission Mitch Clem to make unique artwork for special jackets that had a Christmas flair to them. The jackets were silk-screened and had a 1/4 back, like traditional silk-screen jackets. This was dubbed the “Coody Claus and Ninja Elves Xmas Edition.” Only green copies came with this jacket and the jackets were limited to 120 copies.

Even further on they commissioned a second silk-screened jacket for the remaining copies of Restless Rubes that didn’t sell out. It’s a spin on the original album artwork, which you will see in the pics below. There are a total of 239 copies with this silk-screened jacket. Only green copies had this jacket.

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