Ninja Gun/Pretty Boy Thorson/Used Kids/The Tim Version – 4-way Split 7″

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Vinyl
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Yet another split 7″ that features Ninja Gun, this is the only 4-way split in my collection. The color variants for this 7″ were insane. There were several different shades of blue and purple, and many of the colors were limited to extremely low numbers.

The full pressing info for this 7″ is as follows: 14 on deep purple, 24 on navy blue, 29 on sky blue, 40 on violet, 73 on blue, 83 on black, 86 on gray and 151 on dark gray. For those doing the math at home that’s 500 total copies, and a very odd way of getting to that number.

Even though I was online at the time Vinyl Collective launched the pre-order for this 7″, read all the info and decided to go for one of the deep purple copies, by the time I went to check out they were sold out. I had one in my cart too. From there I went back and ordered a navy blue copy, and this 7″ continues to be one of the rarest in terms of numbers and regular pressings of a record, in my collection.


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