Say Anything – …Is A Real Boy (1st Press)

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Vinyl

The vinyl version of …Is A Real Boy was pressed as a double LP and includes the …Was A Real Boy bonus disc that come packaged with the J and RCA records re-release of the album. Side D features the …Was A Real Boy tracks/EP. The vinyl version also features the fan favorite and a song off of one of Say Anything’s self-released albums/EP’s, “A Walk Through Hell.” There are currently three presses of the album all done as a double LP and each limited to 1,000 copies. I’m not sure if a fourth press is in the works or not, but the record is now OOP.

The first press was on black and green vinyl. The first record (sides A & B) are on black vinyl and the second record (sides C & D) are on green vinyl. The shade of green is more pale green like a pastel color than the traditional green many people think of. There is a rumor that there is an error pressing/color from the first press. I’ve heard that there are 100 copies that came with both records on black vinyl, but I have never seen a copy of the second record (sides C & D) on black vinyl. People claim they have it but photos have never been produced and none of these “error pressing” copies have made their way onto ebay. The second pressing was on white, with both records being white. The Third press is on orange vinyl, with both records being orange.

To celebrate the album’s 10th Anniversary in 2015, Doghouse Records re-released it in a box set containing four 10″ records and one bonus 7″ containing two exclusive, never released songs. For information and photos on that version of …Is A Real Boy check here – Say Anything – …Is A Real Boy 10th Anniversary Box Set (1st Press)


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