Motion City Soundtrack – I Am The Movie (1st Press)

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Vinyl

This is Motion City Soundtrack’s debut full length and also their debut on Epitaph. It was only pressed on black (until 2015) and no official pressing info was ever released. But keeping in line with most of Epitaph’s vinyl releases, this is either limited to only 1,000 copies or is being kept in print on black. I originally thought there might be only 1,000 copies pressed, but these periodically get sold out on online distros and then they reappear a few weeks later.

This pressing, and all subsequent re-presses have the vinyl exclusive bonus track “1,000 Paper Cranes” as the last track on the a-side, track A-7. I’m assuming the tacked it on the end of the a-side instead of the b-side is due to length issues. Either way it really doesn’t distract from the flow of album, as you would have to get and change sides anyway, thus creating a break in the album.

In early 2015 I Am The Movie saw another re-press, only this one was advertised heavily unlike all the previous re-pressings, solely because Hot Topic was involved. They got an exclusive color of the record and were the exclusive retailer as well for this latest re-pressing. This album has been kept in print for a long time, constantly being re-pressed as mentioned above, then all of a sudden went OOP for a year or two. So it’s impossible to keep track of exactly how many pressings there are of the album.


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