Thrice – Beggars (1st Press)

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Vinyl

This is Thrice’s latest album, but not the most recent to get pressed on vinyl. Beggars was pressed by Cobraside, a company that doubles as both a pressing plant and a distributor. Vagrant has a contract with Cobraside to handle all of their vinyl releases. Cobraside by far is one of the most difficult and aggravating places to deal with that is involved in any aspect of records. They capitalize on the variant craze and take advantage of collectors. They seem to make up the pressing info as they go along, many times pressing random colors, creating colors that are limited to 1 or 2 copies, mixing the last scraps of colored vinyl into one batch and thus creating colors they weren’t commissioned to do and intentionally withholding copies to sell on their ebay store for 5x the original retail price. That last one is the worst one by leaps and bounds. As a result of those practices the pressing info is never accurate and never will be. When releasing pressing info, Cobraside often times tells two different things to two different people, and even then it’s a best guess. They give a range instead of exact numbers, for example, they say “more than X XX amount” or “325 or more.” Either their playing games with consumers or they actually screw around with pressing the colors that they truly don’t know the exact numbers, either way it’s shady.

They also gained the reputation of having delays with their releases, and as a result many times their release date is pushed back by months. This album was no exception as it came out almost six month after it was supposed to.

The vinyl version of Beggars has unique artwork, but is similar in fashion to the CD version. Each copy from the first pressing also comes with a full size booklet that is autographed by the band. Cobraside did an “over run” of the album, (yeah, right) and those copies are on random colors and don’t come with the autographed booklet. Only 2,000 copies come with the autographed booklet and each of those copies are individually numbered with a sticker on the back of the jacket. Every copy also comes with a download card. The pressing info given from Cobraside, or at least the one I tend to believe more is as follows: 300 plus on mint, 400 plus on green, 250 plus on red, 300 plus on blue, 250 plus on mustard, 300 plus on clear/white mix, 99 or less on clear and 50 on purple.

I’ve also seen this pressing info in terms of exact numbers, from someone who apparently contacted Cobraside and got this in response: 228 on mint, 460 on green, 317 on red, 364 on blue, 147 on clear, 231 on mustard, 205 on clear/white mix, and 50 on purple. The reason I don’t believe that is because it doesn’t add up to 2,000, and some of it also doesn’t correspond to the info that Cobraside first came out with. I know for sure many of the green copies did not come with an autographed booklet, so those may be the apparent over run copies. All I know for sure is that I have a mint copy which came with an autographed booklet and my copy is number 1,817. I’ve posted pictures of everything included with the record, including the 22 page booklet. I’m pretty sure this is the first time that photos of the entire booklet front to back have been posted online.

  1. Andrew says:

    I know the post is super old old but any chance you still have that thrice beggars album and are willing to sell? Been searching for some time and came across your post.


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