Thrice – Vheissu (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Vinyl

This is one of Thrice’s most sought after vinyl releases, Vheissu. These were pretty easy to find when they first came out and I bought one a few months after it was released. For at least a year after its release I still saw a copy in my local record store for original retail price. Once these records sold out from stores and online distros, the ebay insanity began.

Copies of Vheissu on vinyl regularly sell for over $50 and sometime up to $200 depending on the condition. The vinyl version features different artwork to the CD version, with a gold leaf embossed design. Only 1,000 copies were pressed on black vinyl for the first pressing.

In April 2012 Vheissu was re-pressed. It was a Hot Topic exclusive and was pressed as a double LP housed in a gatefold jacket. There were 2,000 copies pressed on brown marble vinyl and it features the original CD artwork. The brown marble closely resembles the brown marble of the Earth disc of The Alchemy Index. An insert is included on top of the gatefold jacket, an uncommon occurrence these days but the insert being included is likely because the gatefold, while nice, is just a small picture taken from the art featured in the liner notes and/or cover.

As with the re-press of The Artist In The Ambulance sold exclusively through Hot Topic, people stayed up all night anticipating when the record would go up for sale online. There was some controversy surrounding the online sale of this record, starting with when it went up for sale. Rather than go up for sale in the wee hours of the morning like with The Artist In The Ambulance, Vheissu did not go up for sale till late in the afternoon. Obviously people were upset and angry that they wasted their time and last a vast amount of sleep. Some were angry that they had to go to work or school and could not wait around, constantly refreshing the website waiting for it to go up for sale. Some people speculated that Hot Topic purposely waited till their free shipping promotion ended before putting up Vheissu for sale. No one will ever know for sure why it took so long for it to go up, but it is rather suspicious that it went up when it did, as it was shortly after the free shipping promotion did end. One thing is for certain though, there was some sort of glitch or bug with Hot Topic’s system, that screwed things up far worse than putting up a a record for sale later in the day.

When it finally went up for sale it sold out rather quick, as expected. But that was not the end of the controversy, as Hot Topic seemed to randomly and arbitrarily fulfill orders. Orders were cancelled throughout the day, some were orders with multiple copies, some were international orders and some were orders for 1 copy. Some orders were cancelled that were placed before orders that were fulfilled. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason why orders were cancelled. Apparently no one knows how Hot Topic fulfills orders, not even employees. No explanation was made as to why certain orders were cancelled. It was a bad situation, but it lends to something shady going on when international customers had their orders cancelled for no apparent reason and people who ordered multiple copies had orders cancelled as well, as it make it appear Hot Topic is lazy and did not want to do more work than they had to.

Fortunately I was not affected by that nonsense, as my order went through. And even if it didn’t, there is another pressing on the way so it would not be the end of the world. But I would have been upset and angry if my order was cancelled while people who ordered after me had their orders go through.


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