Fake Problems/Look Mexico – Under The Influence Vol. 1 Split 7″

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Vinyl
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This  is the first 7″ in what is planned to be a long 7″ subscription series. The Under The Influence series features two different bands covering a song that has influenced them in some way or form. Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective is releasing this series, and so far I think they are 14 records out in the series so far. They have 24 planned or in the works as of right now. The subscription cost $50, and was broken down into two parts.

Each 7″ in the series was pressed on two color variants with a total pressing of 1,000 copies. One color is limited to 300 and one is limited to 700 copies. For this 7″ there were 300 copies pressed on half turquoise/half white and there were 700 copies on yellow. Each copy also comes with a download code printed on the insert, which I have cropped out of the photo below.


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