Nightmare Of You/This Is Hell – Tour Split 7″

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Vinyl
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This split 7″ ran into some issues. First, and a great idea in theory, there were suppose to be a limited run that was supposed to be a tour only release. 50 copies were pressed with this intention and then the problems began. Apparently the pressing plant screwed up and put blank “test pressing” center labels on all 50 copies. It was either that or Run For Cover did not purchase proper center labels for the 7″. Apparently they were suppose to say “tour press” instead of “test press.”

The solution was not to have the plant re-do the pressing because of the screw up/mix up, but to take a Sharpie and scribble out the “test pressing” on the center labels. This was most likely because these records were a time sensitive press and the bands needed these to sell on their tour. And instead of even writing ‘tour press” anywhere on the record, there is just an ugly black scribble/cross/black out on every record and no mention that it’s a tour only press. Each copy was supposed to be hand numbered, which they all are.

Overall I’m not too pleased with this 7″. On top of that scribble cross out job on the center labels, the “sleeve” is just a piece of paper. Literally, it’s a piece of printer paper. It’s folded in the middle to form a makeshift sleeve. Each band get’s their own cover artwork for the split, one on each side obviously. On top of the cheap paper, only one side is in full color, the Nightmare Of You artwork. This Is Hell’s side is black and white for whatever reason.

Run For Cover was supposed to press regular editions of this split, but they have never done it and it has been well over two years since they were suppose to. There is no word whether or not they plan to, but I’m betting it was scrapped. Copies were put up for order/pre-order on revhq, and the release date kept pushing back and back and back and back and back. Every time the “release date” came close, usually within a few days to a week, the release date magically pushed back on revhq’s store. Eventually they were taken down entirely from the store because the label never put this into production apparently. For a long time these were mentioned in Run For Cover’s own webstore, but were never available for purchase, there was only a dedicated page for the split 7″ with no release date to be found, only “coming soon.”


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