Thursday – Waiting [1st press & 15th Anniversary Pressing (3rd press)]

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Vinyl

After seeing the vinyl craze explode, Eyeball Records finally decided to press Thursday’s first full length, Waiting. For the first pressing they pressed a total of 1,000 copies split evenly across two colors, white and clear. Clear was limited to 500 copies and white was limited to 500 copies. I opted for the white because I feel it best matches the artwork, with the snowscape.

This (1st pressing) surprisingly took a while to sell out and did not sell out through pre-orders. The first pressing was released in 2009, and about a year after it finally sold out a second pressing was done. The second pressing was pressed on grey marble vinyl, with pressing info never released, and apparently the label has no information regarding it and does not know how many copies were pressed or ordered from the plant. So there is somehow an unknown amount pressed on grey marble, not because the info was never released for whatever reason or because there were thousands upon thousands pressed the label never bothered to keep track, but because the guy who ran Eyeball Records doesn’t remember what he did.

2015 marked the 15th Anniversary of Waiting, and to celebrate the occasion Collect Records, Geoff Rickly of Thursday’s label, released a special pressing of the album. This latest pressing if the third overall, but first with this new artwork layout and bonus 7″ of demos and from the Waiting era. The first pressing of the 15th Anniversary edition/pressing sold so well and fast that a second pressing of it is already in the works according to Collect Records.

The 15th Anniversary edition/pressing was pressed as a single LP accompanied by a bonus 7″. The 7″ comes included with every copy of the record and is sealed inside the LP jacket. In fact, the 7″ has its own pocket inside the LP jacket, which is glued to the back inside panel. It’s an amazing feature that Collect made no mention of, and really should have to promote the fact that they can do these more than necessary touches without charging an arm and a leg for the record.

The LP and 7″ match colors, so for all the variants the 7″ will match its respective LP. In total there are four variants in and here is the pressing info: 300 copies on white with turquoise and blood orange splatter. The “blood orange” turned out red and the “turquoise” turned out blue on the actual record though. 700 copies on turquoise, 500 copies on white and 1,000 copies on blood orange. The “turquoise” variant turned out to be just straight up blue and not actually turquoise. All the colors are exclusive to certain places/retailers as well, however Collect did have a portion of all the variants in their web store. The splatter was exclusive to Collect Records and sold out in one day, turquoise is exclusive to indie record stores, white is exclusive to Hot Topic and the UK, with Hot Topic getting only 250 copies to sell and the UK getting 200. Collect Records sold 50 copies of the white themselves. Blood orange is a mass retail exclusive that can be found from places like Amazon.

It’s also important to note that Bull Moose Records, a New England indie record store, had the wrong number about the turquoise, whether inadvertent or not, it still happened. They listed the turquoise as being limited to 600 copies, which was not true. They didn’t get 600 of the 700 total copies of the turquoise either, but they never claimed that. They never claimed of the turquoise variant being an entirely exclusive to them, which some people thought. The pressing info for all the colors, not just the turquoise, is direct from Collect Records.

The alternate artwork mentioned above features the band’s dove logo die cut into the cover. Inside the jacket is black, instead of the usual white. Along with the alternate artwork, an insert and printed dust sleeve are included. The dust sleeve has liner notes from the band printed on it and the insert has the lyrics printed on it, which are divided into sides as they appear on the record. All copies come with a download code for all the songs on the release (including demos) as well, which is for high quality 320 kbps.

Here is the track listing for the 7″, which has three songs on it; “This Side Of Brightness (demo),” “Dying In New Brunswick (demo)” and “Mass As Shadows.” The two demos are on the a-side of the 7″ and “Mass As Shadows” is on the b-side. This is the first time “Mass As Shadows” has been released on a true Thursday album, as in not on a compilation. Until now “Mass As Shadows” has only appeared on two separate compilations titled In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer and With Literacy And Justice For All….A Benefit For The DC Area Books To Prisons Project.

Overall this is an excellent release, it exceeded my expectations. You get a lot of bang for your buck, which is refreshing. All the variants cost $20 directly from Collect, which is cheaper than many labels charge for a single LP, and when you consider there is a 7″ included with this release as well, the price is better.


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