Jimmy Eat World – Clarity [2nd Press (10th Anniversary Edition) & 3rd Press]

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Vinyl

This is part of a special pressing of Jimmy Eat World’s classic album, Clarity. The album went out of print on vinyl for nearly 10 years, until the band decided to do a 10th anniversary tour for Clarity, playing the album straight through from start to finish at every stop. At first the record was only sold at shows, then some copies popped up online, but only packaged with a 10th anniversary tour t-shirt. Much later a small distro based out of Brooklyn, In Sound, scored some copies without the t-shirt and put them up for sale.

I bought one of the last few copies of the record from InSound. Clarity is now back OOP (until Summer 2014). I have no idea exactly how many were pressed of this 10th Anniversary Edition. It was rumored they pressed 10,000 copies. This pressing also features slightly different artwork than the earlier pressings, as the writing is vertical across the cover instead of horizontal.

The third pressing of Clarity was released in 2014 by SRCvinyl. The third pressing goes back to the original artwork as well as being pressed on colored vinyl. The third pressing was pressed as a double LP on 180 gram clear vinyl and comes with a foldout insert. It’s the first of the pressings to come with a foldout insert, but it’s really not necessary. Since one side of the insert is literally the album art spread across two pages, the lyrics for the entire album could have easily been printed on two sides of a traditional one-sided insert like the first pressing.

One difference between the insert that comes with the first pressing and the one with the third pressing is that it’s printed on white paper with the first pressing and on black paper (lyrics side) with the third pressing. The second pressing has the lyrics printed inside the gatefold jacket, which is the only pressing to have that feature. The third pressing comes housed in one of the most pointless gatefold jackets around, as it only has a picture of the band printed inside. And not even a picture of the band in their entire physical form, simply a headshot of sorts taken at an odd angle zoom to where the guy (Jim Adkins) on the right’s head is only visible versus everyone else’s shoulders on upwards visible.

The third pressing also features the bonus tracks “Christmas Card” and “Sweetness (demo),” which were not found on the first pressing but are on the second pressing of Clarity. The track listing between the second and third pressings regarding the bonus tracks is different however, as on the second pressing, as they are featured before the final track on the studio album (and how it appears on vinyl), “Goodbye Sky Harbor.” So to clarify, “Christmas Card” and “Sweetness (demo)” (in order) appear before “Goodbye Sky Harbor,” which is the final track on the record. On the third pressing the studio album concludes before the record get into the two bonus tracks; so “Goodbye Sky Harbor” comes in before the bonus tracks “Christmas Card” and “Sweetness (demo).” On the third pressing “Sweetness (demo)” is the final track.

There may or may not be a fourth pressing of Clarity, which would be the second pressing done by $RC. At some point $RC had some copies pressed on black vinyl. Since they released barely any info about the black copies when they started selling them, other than that they were available for purchase, it’s impossible to know if $RC went ahead and ordered a new pressing from the plant or had the black copies pressed at the same time as their initial run of clear vinyl. One thing is for certain though, the black copies became available at some point after the clear copies were available for purchase and subsequently released.

In early May 2015, May 4 to be exact, $RC posted on their Facebook page that there are 500 copies on black, but still no word on whether or not it was a new pressing. I doubt they will ever release all the info about the black copies given their reputation for being shady and purposely keeping things in the dark. In fact, I’m amazed they released that there are 500 copies on black vinyl. This post has since been deleted, but I took a screenshot of it, as I do with all pressing information I come across for future reference and posterity’s sake.

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