Jimmy Eat World – Last Christmas 7″ (1st Press)

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Vinyl

This 7″ is one of the harder to track down records that Jimmy Eat World has released. Even though there were 3,000 copies pressed, they rarely pop up on ebay. All copies from the first pressing came on green vinyl and feature “Firestarter” on the b-side.

In December 2017 a re-press of this 7″ was released with different artwork and a different, exclusive b-side track, an acoustic version of “12.23.95.” Initially advertised as being limited to 1,000 copies on “sea” green, about one week after pre-orders for the re-press (second overall pressing) went live, the web store hosting it (Kings Road Merch) either switched the color without notice or put up a a new variant and remoed the “sea” green one. This new color is blue, and is also apparently limited to 1,00 copies. It remains to be seen if there are in fact two variants/colors for this second pressing, or Kings Road Merch (KRM) listed the wrong color. Thing is the KRM Euro store is/was still selling copies of the “sea” green after the U.S. store put up blue copies. No mention if “sea” green became a Euro exclusive or if the blue is a U.S. exclusive. We’ll have to wait and see when pre-orders start shipping what the deal is with this second pressing.


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