Jimmy Eat World/Jejune split 7″ [4th Press (White ‘&’ Cover)]

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Vinyl
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Yet another split featuring Jimmy Eat World, this is one of their more popular splits and hardest to come by. There are at least four pressing of this split. I have a copy from the first and fourth presses. The jackets differ between the 1st and 4th press, which is why I decided to buy multiple copies of this record. I know there is at least one other style jacket, a blue one with different artwork.. I’m not sure which pressing it belongs to, it could be the 2nd or 3rd.

I have no idea how many copies were pressed from the 1st pressing. Actually I have no idea how many copies were pressed for any press except the fourth, and even then I’m not sure if that is the full pressing info. The fourth press comes in a red and white colored sleeve with a giant ‘&’ on it. This is limited to 100 copies, which is stated on the sleeve itself. My copy is on white vinyl, and I’m not sure if there are other colors from this pressing or not.


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