Thursday – Five Stories Falling [EP] (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Vinyl

Victory Records opted to press this EP as a 12″, which in my mind was the best route. Since it’s an EP that is under 25 minutes long, it could have been done as a 10″ or a 2×7″ as well. Doing it as an 12″ provides the best sound. For the first pressing Victory gave the record a silk-screened jacket with unique artwork that differs from the CD version. They cheaped out on the insert again, as it’s just a photo copied sheet of paper. The insert comes printed on various colors of paper including white, pink and blue. I’m not sure if the color of paper was only inserted into certain color variants or if they were randomly inserted.

The pressing info is as follows: 1,017 copies on black, 1,000 copies on clear, 400 copies on white, 400 copies on red and 200 copies on grey. There were 15 test presses made for this record.

The second pressing was released in the summer of 2013 after the first pressing finally went OOP. It features the original CD artwork instead of the silk-screened jackets that came with the first pressing. This second pressing also comes with a traditional inserts. The second pressing is a single sided 12″, with the music on the a-side and an etching on the b-side. It’s tough to see the etching on the baby blue copies, but it’s Thursday’s dove logo around the center with the lyrics to all the printed along the edges working inwards.

There are definitely two color variants with a possible third. I saw possible third because Victory’s web store listed an /50 color the sold out before the vast majority of people knew the record was up for purchase. No color was mentioned for the phantom /50 variant and to my knowledge no one has provided any proof of its existence. The two known variants are solid blue limited to 102 copies and baby blue limited to 372 copies. Solid blue is not a traditional blue, just a slightly darker blue than baby blue. The baby blue copies also have a bit of marbling in them.

A download code is included with the second pressing, but don’t bother with it because it only leads to terrible 160 kbps MP3’s. Plus it might also gives Victory more album sales, more money which Thursday will never see. If you’re anti-Victory like the vast majority of people you can buy this from Interpunk to avoid giving your money directly to Victory. You’ll also save on shipping as Victory only ships Fedex and charges around $8 for shipping.


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