Thursday/Envy Split 12″ (Black/Silver & Black 180g w/ Cover #1 Variants)

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is Thursday’s latest split release, which is with a band from Japan called Envy. This record was put out by Temporary Residence and there were a million of these things pressed, or at least it feels like there were. There are four color variants for this record, with there being three of them that were considered the “limited” copies. Thursday had a color that was only sold through their webstore, and Temporary Residence had two colors that were only sold through their webstore. The remaining color was the mass release and sold through all other retail outlets.

The packaging of this record is stunning. Every copy comes with the CD version, with the only way to actually get the CD version of the album was to buy the record. Individual copies of the CD were never sold and currently are not sold on its own. The layout for the three “limited” variants is a gatefold/tri-fold jacket. Each copy comes housed in a chip board style cardboard jacket, which is more heavy-duty and sturdier than traditional jackets of any form. Certain color variants also came with certain colored jacket material, two different colors, silver and brown. The CD is also incorporated into the jacket and is not just throwing into the packaging in a stock paper CD sleeve.

The pressing info for this record is as follows: 1,000 copies on black and silver, which was a Temporary Residence exclusive, 1,000 copies on black and gold, which was the second Temporary Residence exclusive, 1,000 copies on black and bronze, which was the Thursday exclusive, and finally 7,000 copies on 180 gram black vinyl, which was the mass retail color.

For the 180 gram black copies there are also two additional cover variants, but from looking at them I can’t see any discernible difference between them. The 180 gram black copies also come in a regular jacket that is shrink wrapped. On the shrink is a sticker is the top left corner saying either cover #1 or cover #2. No word on how many copies of each cover variant were made, only pressing numbers for the entire 180 gram black copies, which again is 7,000. The inner packaging is also different since it’s not a triple panel gatefold jacket; the CD comes slotted into an insert, and the record is in a printed dust sleeve made of thick cardstock. The dust sleeve has the lyrics printed on it while the insert has the liner notes on it.

The black and silver copies came with a brown base color jacket and the black and gold copies came with a silver base color jacket. These color ways were not announced prior to release and photos were never unveiled prior to these records shipping. Common sense would dictate that you give the silver backed jackets to the silver-colored records, but no. Temporary Residence did not do that. I purchased the black and silver color because I felt it best matched the artwork that was released, but since Temporary Records decided it was better to give the silver and black records a brown background instead of the silver background, they ruined that record that matches the artwork concept. That is the only flaw with this release, and it’s about as big and obvious as they come in my mind and pretty much puts a great big scar on it. You can see my dismay upon opening the mailer and getting my first look at the record in the photos below. Where the brown is should be silver, at least that’s how the artwork was originally released as being.


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