Broadway Calls – Good Views, Bad News

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Vinyl

Good Views, Bad News is Broadway Call’s sophomore album and first on Side One Dummy Records. As the band gained more popularity, they also gained more color variants. Good Views, Bad News was pressed on a few different colors, with two being exclusive colors. Vinyl Collective had an exclusive color, which was green and limited to 400 copies. Side One Dummy also had an exclusive color with a catch, blue was the exclusive color but what was really the limited item for this variant was the jacket.

The Side One Dummy exclusive came with a silk-screened jacket. There are only 100 copies of the silk-screened jacket. One important thing of more is that the artwork is identical to the regular jackets. The only noticeable difference is slight, that there is more of a reddish tone on the silk-screened jackets than an orange tone which is found on the regular jackets. One thing that also throws this color variant off a bit is that there are an undetermined amount of blue copies with the regular jacket.

The last few color variants are clear limited to 300 copies and black, which the record is being kept in print on for the time being.


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