Broadway Calls/Teenage Bottlerocket – Split 7″ (1st Press)

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is one of the first releases that features Broadway Calls. It’s a split 7″ with Teenage Bottlerocket, a band very familiar with releasing things on vinyl. This 7″ is now in its second pressing.

The pressing info for the first press is extensive compared to the second press. There are four color variants for the first press compared to just one for the second press. The first press is limited to 2,000 total copies divided amongst 250 copies on clear with green splatter, 250 copies on opaque blue half and half (not really sure what that is, it’s the vaguest description of a color I’ve ever come across) 500 copies on clear with black splatter and 500 copies on half maroon/half white. The pressing info for the second press is very easy, just 500 copies on yellow with black splatter.


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