Circa Survive – B-Sides 7″ (1st Press, Tour/2nd Press & 3rd Press)

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the only 7″ Circa Survive has released thus far. It was meant as a fund-raiser of sorts as part of the proceeds went to their friend, Trent Jacobi, who was injured after falling off a roof on tour in Australia.

There were only 1,000 copies of this 7″ pressed, all on clear vinyl housed in a beige jacket with black/grey lettering. It sold out within a few days if not sooner. The 7″ features two songs, “The Most Dangerous Commercials” on the a-side and “1,000 Witnesses” on the b-side. The packaging is also great and pretty unique for this 7″. It opens like an envelope and is on chipboard.

A little while after the clear copies sold out, a tour exclusive variant emerged, pressed on orange vinyl limited to 500 copies. These tour exclusives are housed in the same type of jacket, but it’s a different color jacket, than the clear copies. It’s a black jacket with the house and script on the cover of the tour variant is done in gold/orange ink while the house and script on the cover of the clear copies is black/grey. The center labels are also blank on the tour press instead of being stamped with the band’s name like on the first press. Not sure if the tour copies are a true second pressing or not, but some people may classify it as such.

The tour copies lasted a very long time. While the band was limiting how many copies they sold per stop on tour, the pressing lasted well over a year, very close to two years actually. Which was surprising considering the clear copies from the first pressing old out in a matter of hours. They lingered around so long that people reported buying a copy at Bamboozle 2012. Even more surprising was that on May 31, 2012 copies well over 100 copies of the tour press popped up for sale online, at least 134 copies were left by the time I bought one. They did not last very long though, as all copies put up sold by the end of the day. They were being sold for $7 before shipping, which is much better than the at least $20 they have been selling for on ebay. I am not sure if the tour press is now sold out and out of print after copies were put up online, but it’s very likely that is the case and those were the last remaining copies.

In late November 2013 the band announced a re-pressing of most of their catalog, including the B-Sides 7″. This will be the third overall pressing B-Side. It was done on green and white swirl vinyl and comes in a white jacket with green ink. The 7″ comes in the same envelope style jacket as the two previous pressings, which is nice. You can see the difference between the jackets from the first pressing and the third pressing. A minor difference with the records is that this third press does not have the band’s name stamped on the center label like the first press does. There were 700 copies pressed for the third pressing.

  1. Justin says:

    hahaha, gotcha


  2. Justin says:

    Yo dude! First off, I absolutely love your blog. I just stumbled on it today, and will definitly be coming back often. Secondly, just wanted to say that Circa rereleased this 7″ on Orange Vinyl for their most recent string of tours. Not sure how many they made, but here’s a pic . Again, great site!


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      I am aware of the tour press, which is the second pressing of it. The thing is I’m not going to go back through my entire blog to update a post every time something gets re-pressed.


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