Circa Survive – On Letting Go (1st & 2nd press)

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Vinyl

Just like my post on Juturna, I will be joining the first and second press of On Letting Go into one post. Just like the first press of Juturna, the first press of On Letting Go was done as a picture disc limited to 1,000 copies. The only difference was that it comes in a picture disce sleeve. There is a sticker on the upper right hand corner of the sleeve though, a pretty standard sticker that says what album it is and what band it is. The first pressing also does not come with an insert.

The second press of the album comes in a regular jacket. There are two color varians for the second press though, another thing that differs differs from the way the Juturna pressings were done. The way they were both handled resembles each other in so many ways yet at the same time there are major differences. The two colors for the second press were dark purple which was limited to 300 copies and 750 copies on dark blue with light blue swirl. The second pressing artwork matches the CD version. The second press does come with an insert.


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