Jimmy Eat World – Futures (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Vinyl

Like most of Jimmy Eat World’s albums, pressing info was never released, but Futures has been OOP for a while now (up until late 2014). Demand for this album has really picked up lately, and prices on ebay have sky rocketed as a result and are climbing ever closer to $100.

The record itself was pressed as a double LP, with the d-side having an etching that covers the entire side of the record. It’s basically etched like the latitude/longitude lines on the globe and detailed photos of the etching can be found below.

In 2014 Futures was re-pressed by SRCvinyl. They never released pressing info, refuse to release it and likely never will. This is likely because they will keep the record in print for quite a while, whether it’s on the initial blue color or another color.

SRC did do a good job with this release. It has the same songs as the first pressing of Futures, including the bonus track “Shame,” however, the track listing is different as “Shame” appears as the last song on the record; the last track on the D-side. On the first pressing “Shame” is sandwiched in between album tracks (non b-side tracks) on the C-side because the D-side is etched.

As mentioned above, this second pressing of Futures is done on 180 gram blue vinyl, which appears light blue in color, almost a sky blue. Instead of a traditional gatefold jacket, a tri-fold jacket is used for the second pressing. The artwork inside the gatefold jacket is also different from what is found on the first pressing, although the imagery is similar. A very nice full size, three page, foldout booklet is also included. The booklet is a nice touch because the first pressing did not even have an insert, let alone a booklet. To be clear there are three pages of actual content for the booklet; I’m not counting the cover as a page and the third page makes up the back cover since there is not traditional back cover page.


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