Alkaline Trio – Crimson (2nd Press)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Vinyl
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Seeing the vinyl craze Vagrant Records decided to cash in once again by re-pressing an OOP album. Again however, Cobraside handled the pressing and yet again it was another disaster. It was pressed as a double LP for no reason really. It was also spread across an insane amount of color variants, with some impossible to track down unless you knew the right person.

Cobraside screwed around with the pressing info for this release, which is no real surprise at this point. The old trick of pressing colors in the single digits was also used. The “pressing info” for this pressing is not exact by any means. I will never understand why Cobraside doesn’t release exact numbers, they know exactly how many were pressed even if they didn’t commission a precise number. At some point they would have to take inventory of their product after receiving it.

There are only supposed to be 1,000 copies of this album out there, and all copies are individually numbered with a sticker on the back of the jacket. This is the pressing info that was put out there: 6, yes SIX, copies on blue/white swirl, less than 50 copies on lime which was supposed to be a blood pact exclusive, less than 50 copies on mint which was also supposed to be a blood pact exclusive as well, less than 100 copies on grey swirl, greater than 300 copies on green and greater than 300 copies on blue.

The funniest and most screwed up thing about that “pressing info” and this release in general is not that great than less than garbage that Cobraside has done before. It’s that the Blood Pact, Alkaline Trio’s fan club, was no longer operational at the time these records were pressed. And it was inactive for a good few months prior to these even being sold. Also, for “exclusive” colors, Cobraside sold them through their impossible to find online/wholesale store, for close to $30, which is $10 more than what they sold for at 99% of retailers. This whole pressing reeks of the now infamous line “it’s our pressing we can do whatever we want with it.”


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