Alkaline Trio – From Here To Infirmary (1st Press & 4th Press / Vagrant 20th Anniversary Pressing)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Vinyl
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I have never seen pressing info for the first pressing of From Here To Infirmary. It is now OOP and is quickly climbing the price ladder in terms of Alkaline Trio records, as Alkaline Trio is one of the most highly collected bands and their fans tend to pay absurd amounts for their records. I’m guessing there are no more than 3,000 copies of this record out there.

To commemorate their 20th Anniversary in 2016, Vagrant Records re-pressed some albums from their back catalog. Many classic titles  were re-pressed from bands like The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, Hot Rod Circuit, Saves The Day, Rocket From The Crypt, Senses Fail, and this album; Alkaline Trio’s From Here To Infirmary.

If you ask me this re-press wasn’t really necessary. This “20th Anniversary” pressing is the fourth overall pressing of the album. Granted the record is OOP, but I feel like everyone who wants a copy of this album on vinyl by now has one. And the earlier pressings don’t sell for much more on the secondary market than the retail price of this latest pressing. The retail price of this 20th Anniversary pressing is $25. And if you buy Vagrant’s exclusive variant the price comes out to close to $30 after shipping. You can buy a copy from the first pressing for less. And to show just how stupid people can be and one of the biggest reasons why flippers exist; copies of this re-press are selling for more than $30 on the secondary market, despite it still being in print and readily available online directly from the label, Vagrant Records, for cheaper.

I just mentioned one of the variants for this 20th Anniversary pressing, in total there are two variants; a red/black split exclusive to Vagrant’s web store, which is limited to 1500 copies, and an unknown amount on 180 gram black vinyl. The 180 gram black variant was widely available, and it’s what you would receive if you bought a copy from anywhere other than Vagrant. Vagrant said that the 180 gram black was an “indie retailer” exclusive, but I saw it available from multiple online distros. The red/black split is what used to be called half (insert color)/ half(insert color) . Not sure why labels switched to calling it a split. The left side is red and the right side is black, with the colors being divided at an odd angle, 11 o’clock to almost 6 o’clock.

All copies come with a “Vagrant 20th Anniversary” logo hype sticker along with a circle hype sticker that indicates color. The color hype sticker not only says what the variant is, it’s color coded. Even the split variant sticker matches, albeit it with the colors in the wrong positions.

Oddly enough, the 180 gram black variant is mostly sold out. I waited for a price drop on it or a coupon/discount code I could use with some distro, but all of my go to distros no longer have copies in stock. They don’t even have a “back-order,” “awaiting re-press” or “sold out” icon anywhere on their websites; this title was completely removed from their stores. Without pressing info released for it I have no idea why it sold out quicker than the color variant. My best guess is because of the price.

I only bought this re-press because it has different cover art, but only slightly different cover art. It’s the same basic artwork, but instead of all the text being red, the title is printed in white on this 20th Anniversary pressing. That is just how far my oddball variant collecting goes. But thankfully I didn’t spend close to $30 on this. I bought it on eBay for slightly under $15 shipped. I would’ve liked to spend a little less on it, but it is what it is at this point. Because I waited to but it cheaper, it pretty much sold out everywhere.

Everything other than the cover art being slightly different, the obvious different colors of the record itself, and the text on the insert are the same as all previous pressings. The only subtle difference with the insert is the color of the text on both sides. The text on the first pressing was printed in red ink on both sides, but on this 4th pressing/Vagrant 20th Anniversary pressing, the text is printed in white ink for the lyrics and black ink for the liner notes.

The center labels on this pressing are the same as the first pressing. No download card/code is included with this re-press, which is unacceptable these days. I can understand the first pressing not coming with one because it came out over 15 years ago, but today a record that is not licensed needs to have a download card. No excuse for Vagrant to be so cheap, especially when they’re charging $25 for a single LP.

In the photo gallery below, the first pressing is the first three photos (photos 1-3, left to right), and the fourth pressing / 20th Anniversary pressing is the next set of three photos (photos 4-6, left to right).


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