Alkaline Trio – Goddamnit [1st Press & Redux (3rd press)]

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Vinyl
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There are two distinct versions of Goddamnit, the OG press and the re-press/re-issue dubbed “Redux”. Both were put out on Asian Man Records and the biggest difference visually is the color of the album artwork. The OG press has a black background while the Redux has a white background. As for the music, the Redux is a re-mastered version of the original recording of the album. The insert is also different between the two versions, which you can see in the photos below. The insert for each respective pressing are next to picture of the records.

There are two pressings of the OG album. The first press is limited to 1,000 copies on black vinyl with a clock on the center labels, and the second pressing is 1,000 copies on black vinyl with a heart and skull on the center labels.

The Redux has gone through several pressings as well, three to date. The first and third overall press was spread across eight colors in total, all limited to 500 copies each. It was pressed on white, red, sky blue, red with black splatter which was a blood pact exclusive, clear with red splatter, half red/half black, green/yellow with white splatter and  half yellow/purple/red with half black splatter which was an obomination of a color and a Vinyl Collective exclusive. I have a white copy from this pressing because as you can tell from the photos below it was an obvious choice and it best matches the artwork.

The pressing info for the second and fourth press overall is as follows: 1,000 copies on 180 gram black, 1,000 copies on white/red marble and 1,000 copies on grey marble. The pressing info for the third and fifth press overall is as follows: 297 copies on clear.


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