Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning (1st & 2nd press)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Vinyl
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This was another Cobraside handled release and thus the pressing info released is not in full. Supposedly there were only 3,000 copies pressed spread across four different colors, black, white, blue and green. For once the colors are correct, Cobraside didn’t press transition colors, make up their own color variants to sell on ebay or mix and match the color by taking one blue and one green and putting them together. The exact pressing info for each color is what throws everything off however. Take one step forward but leave the other leg two steps down I guess.

The green and blue copies are Aural Exploits exclusives. Yes you heard right, Aural Exploits, one of the smallest and least known online distros. To my knowledge this is the only exclusive color they have ever scored. It’s most likley because they were one of the few distors willing to work with Cobraside. But take that with a grain of salt, because Vinyl Collective did also have an exclusive color for this pressing, which was white.

White copies were suppose to be limited to 500 copies. But I think VC was either shorted or given a vast amount more than 500 copies of this album. Either way VC was screwed over and peope were not happy. If memory serves me correctly on the VC boards it was stated that VC would never get an exclusive color for any Cobraside release ever again after this. But that is null and void since Vinyl Collective is no longer an active distro.

Now logical math would dictate that since there were only supposed to be 3,000 copies of this record pressed, and there are 1,100 copies apparently accounted for, that black copies were limited to 1,900 copies. Cobraside never said how many black copies were pressed, but they were given to all retail outlets, mainly brick and mortar stores and online distros that did not have an exclusive color.

Now on to the meat and bones of this release. It was pressed as a double LP, where as the first press was just a single LP that apparently sounded like shit because everything was crammed to fit onto one 12″. There was also a UK exclusive LP from the first press, also a single LP, but it included some bonus tracks. I can only imagine how shitty that part of the pressing sounded if the US version sounded horrible and it contained less tracks.

This second pressing contain all the bonus tracks that were on the UK only LP from the first pressing and I believe som extra b-sides from that were left of the studio version of the album.


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