Alkaline Trio – Remains (1st press)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Vinyl
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Remains is a b-sides album. It was pressed as a double LP and is currently in its third pressing. The first pressing was not handled by Cobraside and the pressing info is simple. All future pressings however, the second and third, were handled by Cobraside and are a complete mess. This was the first Alkaline Trio album that Cobraside handled and pretty much ruined everyone’s Alkaline Trio collection, at least those who already had a complete or were shooting for a complete collection by getting every single variant.

The pressing info for the first press is as follows: 700 copies on mustard yellow which was a Hot Topic exclusive, 400 press on green/grey marble swirl, 300 copies on turquoise marble swirl, 70 copies on clear green, 20 copies. There was also an undetermined amount pressed on black vinyl. In all there are 5,000 total copies from the first pressing. My guess is that Vagrant intended to leave the record in print on black, but for whatever reason after signing their absurd contract with Cobraside to handle their vinyl pressings, it was decided to discontinue this pressing and go ahead with another, different pressing. The green/gray marble swirl and turquoise marble swirl are almost impossible to tell apart, but I have a turquoise copy, which you will see in the photos below. These photos may help you determine what color you have or help you in tracking down either of those two colors you may need to complete a collection for those of you who are still trying.

There is no pressing info for the second and third pressings. The second pressing is a complete clusterf*ck. There are literally, and I mean LITERALLY dozens of color variants. This was the first time Cobraside went to two in creating color variants by switching one color A/B disc with a different C/D color that was not initially intended to be made. I will list all the intended color combinations that are known for certain to exist in more than 10 copies. Each variant will be separated by commas and the ‘/’ will designate the A/B disc color from the C/D disc color. They are: black purple/white marble, dark green/plum, dark red/grey, red/grey, grey/white marble, grey/purple, purple/purple, purple/white, red/plum, red/purple. Obviously you can see the problem. How do you tell the difference between “dark purple” and “plum” or “purple.” That’s not even mentioning all the “variants” created by swapping out colors. Cobraside made color variants using that process that were limited to numbers in the single digits according to them. Compounding everything is that exact numbers were never released, not even a total amount pressed. I have my own theory as to why exact numbers were never released, and I will not mention them here. But I am not alone in thinking that theory is not a theory, but fact.

The third pressing is only on one color thank god, which is clear. But again, exact numbers were never released.


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