Alkaline Trio/One Man Army – BYO Split Series Vol. 5 12″

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is another split Alkaline Trio appeared on. It’s part of the BYO split series, and is the fifth volume in the series. This record was split across two colors, red which was limited to 500 copies and black, which pressing info was never released for. I believe this record is being kept in print on black, so there are likely thousands of these out there. I’m not sure if all copies are supposed to come with an insert, or only the red copies. My copy did not come with an insert and I bought it new. I have seen photos of an insert that appears it may be for this split, but the photo was not the best quality so I can’t be 100% certain said insert was actually for this record. I have not been able to find or obtain any concrete info about an insert one way or the other.

Alkaline Trio - BYO split - Copy


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