Saves The Day – Through Being Cool (1st Press)

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Vinyl

This is another record that I feel there is only one pressing of. I remember they were all released at the same time, so in my mind that’s one pressing. According to some there are three pressings of Through Being Cool, but I feel there is only one pressing. A record being released on three different colors does not constitute multiple, separate, pressings

Through Being Cool was pressed on three colors. The “first” press was on baby blue vinyl limited to 300 copies, the “second” press was on white vinyl limited to 500 copies and the “third” press was on black vinyl limited to 3200 copies.

This album is rumored to be re-pressed in the coming months, and even though this rumor has been circulating and resurfacing for years even since it went OOP, this rumor has really picked up steam lately and might actually come to be true. That hasn’t made the prices on ebay lower at all. If anything more people are selling their copies on ebay banking on the re-press. ***Update – As of October 2014 Through Being Cool is finally being re-pressed, which is slated to come out in December 2014.*** The paragraph before the stars was written in September 2010.


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