The Gaslight Anthem – Live At Park Ave (1st Press)

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Vinyl

When this was announced as a Record Store Day exclusive back in 2009, people immediately began jostling for position even though the actual day Record Store Day would take place was still months away. This was pressed as a 10″ and limited to 2,000 copies. Given the popularity of the band, and the special event this record was attached to, this was easily the most sought after record of the dozens of releases on Record Store Day back in 2009. The music itself is a live EP recorded at Park Ave Records in Florida.

To add to the calamity over this 10″, Park Ave Records started taking world-wide online pre-orders for it well in advance of Record Store Day. How they got away with this is still beyond me, as the organizers of Record Store Day are pretty strict with when these release can be first sold. The idea is to start selling this on the actual day of Record Store Day, and limit releases to one per person. Park Ave also enticed people to pre-order and break the rules by throwing in a free, cheap poster to all those who pre-ordered the 10″ online. This poster would only be available through this pre-order.

Personally this 10″ was weighing on my mind the whole morning while I was waiting in line at my local store to get in. Not knowing how many copies my store got in and not knowing how many people ahead of me in line, which was probably 10-20 people, would buy it as well, made me really anxious. Luckily I snagged one of these with no major headaches or problems.

In February 2015 this record saw a re-press, which is the second pressing of Live At Park Ave. It’s the first pressing on colored vinyl.


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