Fake Problems – Real Ghosts Caught On Tape

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Vinyl

Fake Problems’ latest album, Real Ghosts Caught On Tape, sees the band make even more progression away from that raw, punkish sound that they had on their earlier releases. The record got pressed on five different colors, with an up start distro some how getting an exclusive color that was the most limited. I can only imagine how much they paid Side One Dummy to get this exclusive color, because they sold it for almost $2 more than the four other colors their distro also carried. The pressing info is as follows: 500 copies on green, 500 copies on red, 500 copies on white, 500 copies on blue and 150 copies on pink, which was the exclusive color only sold by Shop Radio Cast.

All copies come with a full color dust sleeve that has the liner notes on them, as well as a download card that let’s you download all the songs as high quality, 320 kbps MP3’s.

Personally I ordered a red copy from interpunk, but they screwed up yet another order or mine and sent me a green copy. The invoice and order form clearly state RED, and the record has a big GREEN sticker on it that says “GREEN”, but the idiots in their warehouse disregard both and send me the wrong color. Rather than play their “return/exchange/refund” game, a road a traveled down before with a ton of aggravation, I just decided to keep the green copy since majority of the colors are all of equal rarity. And an added bonus, since many records in my collection of some shade of green, this record is a shade of green I do not have.


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