Look Mexico – To Bed To Battle

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Vinyl

To Bed To Battle is Look Mexico’s second album and first on Suburban Home Records. As a result Vinyl Collective handled the vinyl pressing for the album. They usually do pressings very straight forward, with the pressing info readily available, easy to understand and predictable. Vinyl Collective/Surburban Home tends to press records on two colors, split to 700 and 300 copies. A cool, even, thousand copies. But they ran into some issues with the easy to understand portion for this record and mixed things up by pressing it split evenly amongst two color variants, are at least they attempted to.

There were only supposed to be two colors for this record, black and salmon, which looks like you’d expect, as if you cut open an Alaskan salmon. There are 500 copies on black, but when it came time to press these salmon colored records, the pressing plant screwed up and didn’t get the color exactly right for the first batches of records pressed. As a result, there are 75 copies that are more of an orange hue than a pink salmon hue. And instead of there being 500 copies on salmon, there are 425 copies. To throw another monkey wrench into things, there was no way for Vinyl Collective to know which copies were on orange and which were on salmon. Basically what happened was people who ordered salmon copies could have randomly received one of the orange misprint records, which actually turned out to be the rarest variant of the pressing. These two colors, orange and salmon, are tough to distinguish to the untrained eye, but Vinyl Collective made a nice post on their website with a clear photo to help people tell the difference between the two colors. Check out the link here: http://www.vinylcollective.com/2010/07/01/photo-look-mexico-to-bed-to-battle-lp-orange-vs-salmon/


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