The Gaslight Anthem – Senor And The Queen 10″ (1st press)

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Vinyl

Senor And The Queen received a German pressing along with the U.S. pressing. There are a few differences, the biggest being that the German pressing was done as a 10″ instead of a 2×7″. The other difference is that the German press comes with a fill color booklet. There are technically two pressings of the German 10″. The first being 500 copies on black. The second being 500 copies on white. There was a slight mix up with the second press, as there was a huge mix up at the plant.

For the second press, Gunner records used a different pressing plant and ordered 500 copies on white vinyl. Instead of white vinyl, black vinyl showed up. Once the mix up was spotted Gunner worked it out so that the plant would correct the obvious error and send them 500 white copies. There are no official numbers on this “error press” but it’s safe to assume it’s 500 since the plant just screwed up the color, pressing and mailing out the entire order. Some places call this “error press” press “1.5” and others don’t even acknowledge it’s existence.

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