New Found Glory – From The Screen To Your Stereo

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the only New Found Glory release pressed as a 10″. Once again there are three color variants for this record and all on the same colors as Sticks And Stones (amended in mid 2012).  One minor change in the colors, as From The Screen To Your Stereo was pressed on baby blue marble rather than just blue marble. The pressing info is as follows; 450 copies on white, 450 copies on baby blue marble and an undetermined amount on red. It is thought to believe there are only 100 copies on red, as I have not seen official pressing info for the red copies. The white and blue copies are individually numbered in the matrix of each record. Each copy also comes with a fold out poster insert, which is meant to look like a movie poster.

A very new development, as of late March 2012, is that there is an orange variant of this record, as it popped up for sale on ebay from someone who has some connection with Drive-Thru Records. There were 25 copies pressed on orange, which was meant as a band and staff exclusive, or “friends press,” in that it was only given to the guys in New Found Glory and some people who either worked for Drive-Thru or were part of NFG’s management. Apparently each copy is hand numbered, with the numbering done on the sticker on the cover.


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