New Found Glory – Sticks And Stones (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Vinyl

Sticks And Stones is the first New Found Glory Album to truly feature multiple color variants. This record was pressed on three different colors; 1,700 copies on white, 200 copies on blue and 100 copies on red. Red is the hardest to track down obviously, and I have only seen a few on ebay. Blue is a bit more common, but still hard to come by. Most copies that pop up on ebay are on white, and they range in price from $30 up to $50. Expect to drop a little more on a red or blue copy, upwards of $50 typically.

All copies come with a fold out poster insert, which has photos of all five band members on one side and the liner notes/lyrics on the other. The vinyl version also features different artwork than the CD version.

In September 2012 a re-press was announced through Epitaph Records. The second pressing is housed in a gatefold jacket and will feature the bonus track “Anniversary.” Also, the artwork for the second pressing will revert back to the original, CD artwork instead of keeping the alternate artwork that was used for the first pressing. The insert from the first pressing is printed inside the gatefold for the second pressing, and there is no insert with the second pressing. The second pressing was done on several different colors, blue limited to 600 copies, red limited to 1500 copies, green limited to 500 copies and black. The blue copies were exclusive to Epitaph’s webstore hosted by Kings Road Merch, the red was a Hot Topic exclusive and the green was a tour exclusive that was only sold on the band’s 10th Anniversary tour For Sticks And Stones (as of writing this in mid December). I’m assuming the record will be kept in print on black for quite a while.


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