Thursday – War All The Time (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Vinyl

War All The Time was Thursday’s major label debut on Island Records, which is currently in its second pressing. The first pressing is a single LP on black vinyl in a standard jacket with alternate artwork. The first pressing also comes with a nice booklet. After being OOP for many years the label (Island via Universal Music Group, which is the parent company of Island Def Jam and is stamped on the back of the jacket) gave the album a re-press in late 2012, only this time it was pressed as a double LP on grey marble vinyl in a gatefold jacket with the original album artwork. The second pressing also comes with the bonus track, “Ny Batteri,” which was previously only available on import versions of the CD release of War All The Time. This bonus track is not found on the first pressing. This second pressing was sold exclusively through Hot Topic and was limited to 1500 copies. Pressing info for the first pressing has not been released a likely never will, but it’s probably in the range of 1,000- 5,000 copies. The first pressing was easy to find for quite a while, then the vinyl craze hit and all of a sudden it went OOP as more and more people getting into vinyl snatched up copies. I remember seeing a handful of copies in my local record shop even though the record was fetching at least $40 on ebay.

Supposedly there are two pressings of this album for the single LP version, but I’m pretty confident in saying there is only one. The subtle difference people use for the argument of two pressings is the fact that some copies come with a full color booklet, while others don’t. Personally I have never seen one without said booklet, so what I think is going on is some copies simply did not come with the booklet due to an error at the plant, as in someone likely forgot to slide it in. There is also the possibility that people are/were getting shafted by sellers on ebay who don’t include the booklet. So in my opinion there is only one pressing of the single LP version.  I will post photos of the entire booklet, front to back, and this blog is one of only a few places where such photos have been published.

There have been several complaints with the second pressing.  Multiple people have said the labels of their copies are screwed up, that there are two Side  A or Side D labels instead of having Side B and Side C on the respective sides. Others complain about the sound quality saying there is tons of surface noise. Others raise the complaint that their record(s) skip in one spot or in multiple different spots. Usually I chalk up these kind of complaints, sound issues, to people have poor quality setups, but in this case their could be a base for their complaints as my copy does not sound all too great. There is no surface noise, but then again I am not using garage sale speakers or a cheap, junk turntable like a Crosley or Ion.  In regards to the issues people raised, a rep from Hot Topic pretty much dodged it by saying “This record was pressed exactly like all the other Universal/HT exclusives.”


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