New Found Glory/Dashboard Confessional – Swiss Army Bro-mance Split 7″

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is the second split that New Found Glory has appeared on, and it’s another unique one. Each band, New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional, cover one of each other’s songs. This was also another tour only 7″, but a major problem arose, as said tour was cancelled. No dates were played by both bands together.

There are three different colors variants for this record. Originally each band was supposed to have their own color that they would sell at their respective merch tables at the shows. New Found Glory’s color was purple limited to 500 copies and Dashboard Confessional’s color was pink, also limited to 500 copies. The third color variant, dark green, was pressed pretty much as a cash grab by Epitaph, as it was an Epitaph exclusive color that was only sold through Epitaph’s online store. These came out much much much later than the pink and purple copies, and amazingly were put online after both of those band exclusive colors sold out.

Another issue with this dark green Epitaph exclusive color was that the pressing was first announced as only 1,000 total copies pressed, but then once these dark green copies came out the total pressing ballooned up to 2500. So there are 1500 copies on dark green. Some people even refer to these green copies as a second pressing. No way to know for sure as Epitaph never stated a new pressing, and Epitaph could have easily pressed these and just held on to them for months.

All copies of this record come with the same sleeve, which can be folded in the opposite direction revealing different artwork. New Found Glory is supposed to have one side of the artwork and Dashboard Confessional is supposed to have the other side.


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