New Found Glory – Tip Of The Iceberg 7″

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Vinyl

Thus starts the New Found Glory Bridge 9 you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours era. At the time of this release New Found Glory was labeless for the first time since their early, self-releasing days in the late 90’s. Bridge 9 decided to partner up with them and release and EP, along with release material from their alter ego side project, International Superheroes Of Hardcore.

Tip Of The Iceberg is currently in its second pressing. The pressing info for this is more complex and complicated than it needs to be because it’s B9. The pressing info for the 1st press is as follows; 2500 copies on white with red and blue splatter, 2500 copies on picture disc which contained an exclusive b-side/track, 1300 copies on red with black splatter which was a Hot Topic exclusive color, 500 copies on yellow that came with a special “Gorilla Biscuit rip-off” cover/slip over sleeve, and 100 copies on blue/silver which was a “friends” press. Even though you can find copies of this record very easily and pretty much anywhere that sells records, B9 decided to do an unnecessary 2nd pressing, which was thankfully only pressed on one color, black, which was limited to 2500 copies. The picture disc version does not come with an insert, but the rest of the colors do. The GB rip-off cover is just a printed piece of glossy paper that has a 1/4 fold in the back so it stay over the regualr cover/jacket. On the back of the GB rip-off cover is printed “this version is limited to 500 copies.”

The cash cow for this release was enormous and ever-growing. The only way to obtain the /500 yellow copies with the special “Gorilla Biscuits rip-off” cover was to buy a four pack deal that included all four variants of the record along with an unnecessary humongous New Found Glory flag. You would actually save money on the records in this “deal” in that if you bought each of the variants separately it would wind up costing you more. But the unnecessary flag drove up the cost for no reason and it also made it impossible to ship the package via media mail, which many record collectors know it the cheapest method of shipping records.

The “friends” press was supposedly randomly inserted into orders, but only those people who ordered that four pack deal. B9 also gave them out to people, their friends and people who have done them favors pretty much, even though they didn’t order a single copy of this record. Many of those people then turned around and immediately flipped them on ebay, where they sold for hundreds of dollars. This second press, in my opinion, was just a feeble attempt to drain more money out of collectors, as I have seen at least 10 copies from the first press still sitting in my local record store. They never even ordered copies of the second press because they can’t get rid of their copies from the first press.

Bottom line, the way B9 handled everything they released NFG related made it impossible for collectors who go after every variant to have a complete NFG collection. And as a result it ruined said collector’s complete collections prior to this and the future LP release.

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