Look Mexico – Gasp Asp 7″

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Vinyl

This is Look Mexico’s first 7″, “Gasp Asp.” It was pressed on three different colors, all of which come in different jackets/sleeves as well. The first variant is limited to 200 copies and is on blue vinyl that comes in a jacket with silver  foil stamped letters. The second variant is also limited to 200 copies on white vinyl and the sleeve has red foil stamping letters. The third variant is on green vinyl and is limited to 600 copies in a jacket with white lettering, no foil stamping. All copies of the jacket feature the same artwork, only the coloring of the title words, “Gasp Asp” are different colors.

There were also 54 hand numbered silk screened sleeves/covers to go along with some copies of the 7″. These screened sleeves came on three different colors of paper; yellow, white and black. I am not sure if certain colors of the screened sleeves went with certain colors of vinyl or not, but the white vinyl with white screened sleeve was a Vinyl Collective exclusive and they only had five copies of them.

It’s tough to tell in the photos below, but the white copy does have the red foil stamped lettering, the reflection from the camera’s flash makes it almost impossible to see.


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